Indoors at The Exmoor Centre

Most of the posts on this website are unsurprisingly about the great outdoors but at the end of the day when its too chilly outside even with the campfire going this is what we have indoors at The Exmoor Centre.

Firstly the kitchen, we have a gas stove with a four ring hob and a sink with hot and cold running water. Our water is spring fed. There are saucepans, kettles, tea-pots, cutlery and crockery provided. The wood burning stove also has a built in oven that is great for jacket potatoes and baking sausages.

The two bunkrooms have 6 and 4 bunks (10 total maths fans). You’ll need to bring sleeping bags and pillows as required.

The wood lined living area has benches and collapsible tables making it very flexible for eating and relaxing around the wood-burner. The woodburner itself is a 10.5kW version so is more than capable of heating the whole bunkhouse. The woodburner will also burn coal very efficiently and we recommend you bring some if you are staying in winter as it makes life much easier to keep the stove going.

The centre uses free 12v solar generated electricity. The solar system provides lights throughout and sockets for 12v power (car chargers for phones, laptops etc). We can supply 240V power on request but this is via a noisy, smelly and costly diesel generator (which we haven’t started for 5years now so may not even work!).

There is a communal washroom with two basins (H&C water) and two WC cubicles, one of which also has a large basin for washing properly. For larger groups or the energy conscious we recommend solar shower water bags that can be used in the shower or outside. Solar shower bags have proven to be extremely popular, they are very cheap to buy (under £5ea if bought in bulk or on ebay) and we recommend large groups acquire them for extended stays here.

At the back of the bunkhouse there is a large covered drying area, very useful given the unpredictable Exmoor climate.

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