Trustees Photos

Our Trustees obviously all enjoy spending time at The Exmoor Centre and usually venture off out onto the moor after our seasonal meetings. I asked them this week to let me have a few of their favourite photos for the website…

These first ones are from Liz Nicholson, daughter of one our founders John Gale. Liz loves to celebrate the changing of the season at The Centre and often spends Mid-Summers Day here

Next up some photos from Becky Crush, Beckie fell in love with the place after her son came with the local school and really enjoyed it. Becky is from a very artistic family and well worth following on Instagram if you want to see more of her Photography –

Next up photos from John Overall, John taught me at school and is our current Chairman. John is the first one to get the tools out when something needs repairing.

Next up is Steve Keable. Steve is our Treasurer and been involved with the Centre on and off since it was built back in his schooldays. Steve took his family to the Centre for a week this summer and came away with lots of project ideas, many of which we are implimenting already.

Last in this bunch is Louise Reynolds, Louise knows people, lots of people, she has worked with Exmoor Natonal Park wearing several ‘hats’ so is a great person for networking ideas around other groups such as the North Devon Biosphere.Like Steve Louise dragged a group of family and friends out for a stay over the summer…