Land Rovers

At The Exmoor Centre we are Land Rover fans, our modified Land Rover 110 is the lifeline that keeps the centre going, without it managing such a remote building would be all but impossible. Last weekend we were overjoyed to welcome the boys from Land Rover Monthly magazine who spent the weekend at the bunkhouse to do a photoshoot for some forthcoming vehicle articles.

On Saturday they took photographs of a beautiful Range Rover Classic and not one but two rare 6×6 Defenders.

On sunday we had a treat with two 1957 Series One Land Rovers, these rolled off the production line within months of each other and at a glance are very similar. When you start to look andĀ engage your rivet counting anorak wearing Land-RoverĀ nutter head they are different in almost every aspect.

Here is a photo to whet your appetite until the LRM issue comes out after Christmas…