Hardest winter for 100years

The internet is alive with claims that this winter will be the hardest for a 100years, woohoo we say! More sledging and snowy fun!

The bunkhouse is booked up now until the new year but if you contact us now you may be lucky enough to find yourself out there in the snow. Get the woodburner roaring and head out for some fun.

Sledging is a favourite but there is much more you can do, this months Bushcraft Magazine (http://www.bushcraftmagazine.com/) has a great article on creating things with Ice and is well worth grabbing a copy for inspiration if you are planning on a trip out on cold days.

One of our favourite Artists Andy Goldsworthy is a great inspiration for days out (http://www.goldsworthy.cc.gla.ac.uk/image/?id=ag_02391) he has done some amazing work using whatever he finds lying around and Ice is a medium he has done some of his most impressive work with.

We are keeping to last years prices of only £9/head per night for the winter season so book yourself in quick!

Ice on the windows at The Exmoor Centre

Making snowmen at The Exmoor Centre with our friendly ‘Wolf’ Baracus.