Here goes with 2017


2017 seems to have arrived and all of a sudden the email account has burst into life with new enquiries for bookings. Several people have already booked up for this year, I have even had people ask about next New Year, its not booked yet so if you fancy it get in touch quickly.

The late Autumns disaster at the centre was the strong unusual northerly winds whipping up the valley at tearing a huge limb from our Beech tree! Luckily nobody was hurt and we know just the people to sort it out for us.


The limb actually fell mainly outside the river fence but did take out the fence and gate in the process so I have some work to do to rebuild the fence in the next couple of weeks now the mess is cleared. Unfortunately we think we are going to have to relocate the legendary river rope swing, I have an idea though so don’t panic!


We have tons of brushwood so the next few weeks visitors won’t be short of camp-building materials or campfire wood.

We will be storing lots of wood for next winter and making some interesting features for the site with some of the other big bits of wood. Nothing will go to waste!

Next up is some painting work indoors I think. Beware if you are a friend of mine, you might be getting collared to help…