Winters coming

Out and about this morning the cars temperature gauge read 6degC, it won’t be long at all before we have snow on the ground. Exmoor looks amazing in snowy conditions and The Exmoor Centre is an amazing place to be in the snow.

Tracking animals becomes so much easier and you can lose yourself for hours following footprints. Sledging is great fun on Exmoor’s steep slopes, if you can dodge the gorse bushes!

Anyone can stay at the Exmoor Centre, so bring your family, friends or club along and stay in our cosy bunkhouse and go wild in the remote valleys and hills. We are charity owned and operate as cheaply as possible to make breaks affordable for everyone, we don’t have minimum booking periods, you can come for one night if you want. Our team can help you do anything from horse riding and mountain biking to lessons in bushcraft and art, we can even arrange luxury offroad wildlife watching safaris or stargazing trips.

We let the bunkhouse on sole occupancy so you would have the place to yourself. Being a kilometre from the nearest road or neighbours the bunkhouse is the perfect place for some peace and quiet.

Drop us an email to enquire.

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