Facebook Page

We have created a new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ExmoorCentre 

It seems this will make us easier to find on Facebook than using the old ‘Group’ format. We have added some of the photographs from the old Group and will add more as and when we have time. Feel free to upload your own photos from your stay at The Exmoor Centre. We won’t use your photos for any other use without your permission.


Heading over the moor to The Exmoor Centre in winter

Heading over the moor to The Exmoor Centre in winter

Hardest winter for 100years

The internet is alive with claims that this winter will be the hardest for a 100years, woohoo we say! More sledging and snowy fun!

The bunkhouse is booked up now until the new year but if you contact us now you may be lucky enough to find yourself out there in the snow. Get the woodburner roaring and head out for some fun.

Sledging is a favourite but there is much more you can do, this months Bushcraft Magazine (http://www.bushcraftmagazine.com/) has a great article on creating things with Ice and is well worth grabbing a copy for inspiration if you are planning on a trip out on cold days.

One of our favourite Artists Andy Goldsworthy is a great inspiration for days out (http://www.goldsworthy.cc.gla.ac.uk/image/?id=ag_02391) he has done some amazing work using whatever he finds lying around and Ice is a medium he has done some of his most impressive work with.

We are keeping to last years prices of only £9/head per night for the winter season so book yourself in quick!

Ice on the windows at The Exmoor Centre

Making snowmen at The Exmoor Centre with our friendly ‘Wolf’ Baracus.

Land Rovers

At The Exmoor Centre we are Land Rover fans, our modified Land Rover 110 is the lifeline that keeps the centre going, without it managing such a remote building would be all but impossible. Last weekend we were overjoyed to welcome the boys from Land Rover Monthly magazine who spent the weekend at the bunkhouse to do a photoshoot for some forthcoming vehicle articles.

On Saturday they took photographs of a beautiful Range Rover Classic and not one but two rare 6×6 Defenders.

On sunday we had a treat with two 1957 Series One Land Rovers, these rolled off the production line within months of each other and at a glance are very similar. When you start to look and engage your rivet counting anorak wearing Land-Rover nutter head they are different in almost every aspect.

Here is a photo to whet your appetite until the LRM issue comes out after Christmas…